Scholastic Art and Writing Winners!


Hailey Velong, Staff Photographer

The time has come for the 2019 Scholastics Art and Writing Award Winners to be announced! Students ranging from seventh grade to twelfth grade have entered their best art or writing pieces for the chance to win an honorable mention, Silver Key, or Gold Key. Students who receive a Silver or Gold Key will have their artwork displayed at the Armory Art Center. If a student receives a Gold Key, like our very own Kailyn Licari, Louidjy Hyppolite, Kevaughn Reyes, and Zion Love Chen, will have their work immediately submitted to be judged at the national level. If they win at the national level, students will have their pieces sent to New York to be displayed.

“I feel like it’s truly an honor, along with all my peers, to earn a Silver Key. Especially from such a great organization, I feel like it truly brings recognition to the town and our school. I feel like I’m very proud of all of us, as well as myself, for all of our hard work.”

-Isabella Botero

The categories range from architecture and industrial design, ceramics and glass, comic art, design, digital art, drawing and illustration, fashion, film, photography and more! In the writing category there is fiction, humor, poetry, novel writing, short story, and dramatic script. In both the art and writing categories, twelfth grade students can submit a portfolio.

“We have an incredible selection of photography students this year who have worked really hard and have grown throughout the past few years. I’m extremely proud of everyone who entered, especially those who won Honorable Mention, Silver and Gold Keys”

-Christina Ardner

This program encourages young artists and writers to enter their work for the chance to win scholarships and recognition for their hard work and creativity. For more information and how to enter click Art & Writing/How To Enter.


The students from Santaluces who won an award are:

Isabella Botero (photography)

  • Silver Key for “sip sip”

Jorge Castro (photography)

  • Silver Key for “Money Is Value to the Heart”

Grace Dorman (photography)

  • Silver Key for “Child with ‘the bag’”

Louidjy Hyppolite (drawing and illustration) Individual and Portfolio

  • Gold Key for  “Food for Change”
  • Gold Key and American Visions Nominee for “Self Portrait”
  • Gold Key for “Beyond the fancifulness”
  • Gold Key for “impatience”

Kailyn Licari (photography)

  • Gold Key for “Joyride”

Zion Love Chen (photography)

  • Silver Key for “Rebels with a Cause 1”
  • Gold Key for  “Teeny Bopper from Another Time”
  • Honorable Mention for “From 1946 to 2018”

Emily Moyer (photography)

  • Silver Key for “Swift Sixties”
  • Silver Key for “Ride”

Guadalupe Osorio (photography)

  • Silver Key for “Shape and Form”
  • Honorable Mention for “Darkness”

Esther Pierre (photography)

  • Honorable Mention for “Jacks”

Kevaughn Reyes (photography)

  • Gold Key for “reyes”

Emma Rocha

  • (Mixed Media) Honorable Mention “The Black Sheep”
  • (photography) Silver Key for “In the Eyes”

Raquel Sperry (photography)

  • Silver Key for “Country roads, take me home”

Hailey Velong (photography)

  • Honorable Mention for “In the barrel”

For a complete list of everyone who won click here Art and Writing Regional Winners