The Norton Museum Grand Opening

Hailey Velong, Staff Photographer

For all of you art lovers out there, the Norton Museum, in West Palm Beach, is having their grand opening celebration this Saturday, February 9th! You can join the fun with the members of the National Art Honors Society who will be meeting at noon. If you want to go on your own, starting at nine thirty in the morning, coffee and a light breakfast will be provided as well as live music by The Millennials Band. Following will be a parade including Florida Atlantic University’s Parliament Sound Pep Band with the ribbon cutting directly after. For lunch, there is a brand new “Restaurant at the Norton” with a scrumptious food selection.


“ I think the kids are going to enjoy looking at the expanding collections which I hope will inspire them for their own works. Plus I heard the food is really, really good at the ‘Restaurant of the Norton’”

-Mrs. Ardner


The upcoming exhibits include works from abstract painter Nina Chanel Abney, watercolor painters picked by the founder of the museum, Ralph Norton,  camera-less photography, and the sculpting duo, Oldenburg and Van Bruggen.

Nina Chanel Abney uses bold, bright colors in her abstract painting exhibit, Neon. Her paintings reflect serious problems of today such as racial inequality, gun violence, and gender discrimination.  When she is asked to describe her work, Chanel gives a bare minimum description because she would rather the audience interpret the work for themselves.

Ralph Norton, the founder of the Norton Museum of Art, features fifteen watercolor painting that range from the late 19th  Century to more contemporary artists in his exhibit, Modern Spontaneity. The paintings within the exhibit were selected by Ellen E. Robert, Harold, and Anne Berkley Smith.

The camera-less photography exhibit features the many ways that photos can be taken without a camera but still have the same effect and meaning as a photograph taken with a camera. These artists manipulate light to form shadows, creating high contrast photographs using techniques such as using a chemigram, digital C-print, luminogram, photogram, or a even combination of these techniques.

The sculpting couple Oldenburg and Van Bruggen are the epiphany of Pop Art. The couple creates giant sculptures of everyday items to reflect their surroundings, using their perception of the item or items. They have had their exhibits displayed all of the world including London and New York.

“I think it’s cool because they added more exhibits. It’s a good place to spend a weekend. It’s also a good learning experience.”

-Senior Emma Rocha

Throughout the day there will be live performances of music and dance from schools around the county. There will even be DIY art activities so invite your whole family to enjoy the fun. Remember, admission is free!

The Norton Museum is open from 10am to 5pm everyday except for Wednesdays, when they are closed. On Sundays the museum opens an hour later at 11am but closes the same time, 5pm. Students get in for five dollars so don’t forget your school ID! Children under 12 get in for free, so bring your younger siblings. The best part, Fridays and Saturdays are free admission days! For directions on how to get there click here: Norton Museum Directs