Stakeholder Meeting


Christopher Vargas, Entertainment Editor

   The term “stakeholder” means a person with an interest or concern in something, which is the main premise of the stakeholder meetings. The most recent meeting was held on Monday, March 11th, 2019. Teachers, parents, and students were invited to provide their insight and suggestions to look into possibilities of improvement for Santaluces High School.    

Here is a comprehensive list of statistics taken through the 2018-2019 school year. The list on the far right are repeats of the student absence chart which is cut out. The black rectangle in the Current School Grade of 2019 is B and the sub fill rate of 2019 is 100%.


ELL= English Language Learner

SWD= Students With Disabilities

FRL= Free or Reduced Lunch participants

HS Accel= High School Accelerated courses

   The picture provided is a list of statistics that participants receive in the meeting to review the school’s progress and activity in multiple categories. With this comprehensive chart, the participants in the Stakeholder Meeting were able to see the problem areas that need attention. With the given information, participants are split into groups with at least one teacher to brainstorm ideas to better each category. 

Some suggestions were discussed, on the topic of raising the percentages of ELA and Math achievement.

I participated and suggested that freshmen should sign up to Khan Academy for math and reading help, because if a student can not make it to after school tutoring they are still entitled to math and reading help.

To increase student turnout, Assistant Principal Robinson has an important announcement for all students, “It’s very important for students to check their emails because it informs them of testing dates, school activities and any important events on campus”.