Teacher Step Challenge Craze


Christopher Vargas, Entertainment editor

These past few weeks you’ve probably seen your teachers walk around more than usual. Most teachers even with a Fitbit on their wrists and constantly glancing at their step count. Even at lunch, the golf carts aren’t whizzing around, instead AP’s are choosing to walk. The reason for this is nothing other than the Step Challenge that has taken our school by storm.

Out of all the teachers and staff in Santaluces, 51 of them were involved in this challenge. The challenge was to see how many steps each teacher could take in a day and adding the daily total over the course of a week.

Santaluces Personal Fitness teacher, Coach Price came up with the idea for the challenge.This was a way to encourage the staff to get moving and have fun by using a friendly competition.

Teachers from all departments and staff were encouraged to participate in this movement.

“My motivation for the challenge is seeing everyone in the staff coming together for the same goal, to move more and be healthier.” Coach T said.

Anatomy and Physiology teacher Dr.Snyder stated,

“I think it’s an amazing thing, anything that encourages people to move, be active and healthy is amazing I hope we do it more.”

Coach T took home the first place prize with 160,310 steps in total. In second place, Ms. Renzette had 151,371 steps overall.  As a reward both of them received Fitbit’s.

 Coach Price has announced another round of the steps challenge, this challenge may bring more competitors looking to take the leaderboards and get fit, while going head to head in a friendly challenge against one another.

This is said to begin on Wednesday April 17th until May 2nd.