The Youth Climate Strike


Sophia Clifton, Staff Writer

The Youth Climate Strike calls for all students to skip school on Friday in protest of the government’s lack of action regarding climate change. The protest comes right before the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit on September 23rd. The organization of an entire protest shows the dedication of today’s youth in changing the world. Gen Z has been one of the most active generations in regard to changing the political climate. Despite the strike is organized by young people, everyone is encouraged to come out and protest.


Missing school and earning absences was a concern for some students planning to protest. However, this problem was solved by the New York Public School District on September 12th. The Twitter account @NYCSchools released an official statement giving NYC public school students permission to skip school to attend the protest. Mayor Bill de Blasio also supported the protesting students in a tweet. De Blasio tweeted: “@NYCSchools will be sharing guidance with parents, educators and students on how students will be able to participate in next Friday’s events in the next few days. #ClimateStrike.” 


Greta Thunberg, a sixteen-year-old climate change activist, is leading the Youth Climate Strike on Friday. Thunberg has been voicing her opinions on the necessity for change since her arrival in the United States from Sweden. Thunberg doesn’t fly anymore and instead took a sailboat to get to the U.S.. At her arrival, Thunberg has spoken to Congress and met with lawmakers to spark a change in the climate change debate. Thunberg recently made a speech at George Washington University congratulating her fellow activists in shifting the climate change debate. Thunberg ended her speech with a simple statement, “Activism works. See you on the streets.”


Thunberg and the millions of students joining in on the Youth Climate Strike show the determination and strength of today’s youth. In a Gen Z child’s lifetime, climate change will be a big problem. Rather than rolling over and ignoring the facts, Gen Z is facing this problem head on. Thunberg, and millions of activists like her are taking small steps that will make a huge difference.

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