Tubular Tuesday


Lauren Klemowich, Staff Writer

Walking through the halls all you could see was neon, big hair, scrunchies, and funky patterns. That could mean only one thing, it’s Totally Tubular Tuesday. Following M.C. Hammer Monday, the second day of Chiefs Dancing through the Decades called for Chiefs to dress up in 80s outfits.

“The themes are fun and it’s easy to dress up. However, it is saddening to see not many people participate during homecoming week because it is seen as lame.” says senior Sabrina Luu who has participated in every day so far.

Many trends from the 80s have come back including leggings, ripped jeans, scrunchies. Dana Ulysse, a freshman, states “A trend from the 80s that I love is scrunchies. There are so many colors offered and they are so cute.” 

Scrunchies in the 21st century has become a popular trend among teenagers

Macie Binda liked dressing up for 80s day because of its vibrant colors and how fun it was to get creative.

This was a common reaction to the day with many kids having fun with the crazy patterns and bright colors the 80s brought.

Danielle Copp had a similar reaction, saying “I loved the bold neon colors they rocked.”

Another big thing in the 80s was music. Mikayla Aitcheson, a junior says she loves Michael Jackson’s music that came out in the 80s. Her favorite is Billie Jean.

Along with every homecoming dress-up day, there is a lunch activity. For Monday it was Guess That Song, where Chiefs could win a prize for every 90s or 2000s song they guessed right. The lunch activity for today, Teacher Torture, was moved to Thursday because of the rain.

Thursday, the Chiefs will be dancing into the 70s with That’s Groovy Thursday. Pay a dollar to silly string your teacher and listen to 70s music.