Scholastic Art and Writing 2020 Winners

Ricardo Rios, Staff Writer

Our phenomenal artists here at Santaluces have been recognized for their amazing artwork by the National Scholastic Art Awards.

The National Scholastic Awards Competition is sponsored by the Armory Art Center Regional Affiliate. It’s an opportunity for talented aspiring artists to submit their artwork for potential recognition on the regional and national levels. Students who compete can receive an honorable mention, silver key or gold key for their artwork. The artworks that received either a silver key or gold key will be presented at the Armory Art Center on February 15th and will remain there until August 27.

The artists whose artwork is chosen as the best in the regional competition will be selected to attend a national ceremony in New York.

The artists whose artworks were recognized were:

Alexa Corzo: Gold Key

Nicole Enamorado; Silver Key

Kailyn Licari: Gold Key

Trinity Macaluso: Silver Key

Dylan Rodriguez: Honorable Mention

The artists were ecstatic when they found out their artwork had won an award. “I was really excited, I didn’t expect it,” said Alexa Corzo. Trinity Macaluso, a silver key winner said, “It was nice to feel like I’ve achieved something.”

These students poured a lot of time into perfecting their artwork and crafting their art to be the best it can be.

All of the contestants are passionate about the art they made, and rightfully so, they use art as a form of expression and a way to encompass their feelings and thoughts. When asked how art affects their everyday lives, contestant Nicole Enamorado responded saying, “It’s made me look at the world differently, anything can be a picture.”