Juniors: Start Thinking About Senior Pictures


Sarah Winters, Staff Writer

As the school year draws to an end, senior portraits are an important thing for rising seniors to be thinking about. Senior portraits are a staple in the American schooling system, with each generation of students taking pictures at the end of their Junior year to memorialize their high school experience. 

Principal Robinson recently sent out an email with information regarding senior portraits. The email stated:

“Congratulations Class of 2021! You’re finally a Senior and we have some information regarding your senior portraits. Please click on the link for a 90-second video from our School’s Exclusive Photographer, Cady Studios. Be sure to watch the entire video and fill out the contact form, so you will receive information on how to schedule your Senior Portraits. cady.com/2021

Typically, Senior Portraits are taken in the summer before senior year, however, to Covid-19 the photography studio is waiting for the shelter-in-place orders to be lifted. As soon the green light is given they will send out important information on how to schedule Senior Portraits. In order to receive this information, students need to fill out the for at the bottom of the link provided. 

“Senior portraits help celebrate seniors moving into a new chapter of life,” said graduating senior, Shaina Francis. “They are going from living at home for the past eighteen years and being in school to starting sometimes brand new, with senior portraits helping memorialize their childhood.” 


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