Filling RBG’s Spot on the Supreme Court


Curtesy of the Supreme Court website

The seat of RBG draped with black cloth to honor her in her passing.

Sabrina McCranels, Staff Writer

Americans are mourning a woman who stood up for so many more than the mere few.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg died on September 18th, 2020 at the age of 87. She stood high and mighty for 27 years on the Supreme Court until death did them part. RBG will never be forgotten, although her seat on the court is now empty and needs to be filled. 

Ginsberg had been battling many different health issues for many years, the most recent being the second occurrence of cancer. Many officials pressured her to step down for years, although she’s never been one to give up a fight. 

I have often said I would remain a member of the Court as long as I can do the job full steam. I remain fully able to do that,” Ginsberg stated in an interview with CNN before she passed.

 It has come out that Ginsberg’s main wish was for her seat to be filled after the new presidential term takes effect, but why the delay?

As of today, the court has five judges that steer towards conservative or Republican beliefs, three judges that are liberal or Democratic, and the empty seat. Ginsberg was a part of the liberal judges that helped balance the panel in a 4:5 ratio. President Trump has appointed two judges in his four-year term, both leaning heavily towards Republican views. Also, the list of 45 potential Supreme Court judges that the president has released is directed in support of his own ideals. 

Many are concerned that if Trump gets to appoint another judge, the 3:6 ratio will be almost impossible to get over and many rights will be taken from Americans. 

“Many (on the court) are more conservative and share more ideas that would lead us to regress more into the country’s old idealism, which isn’t favorable considering rights and people’s (mainly women’s) freedom,” Senior Jazmine Morales said. 

With the upcoming election, questions regarding when to fill the seat and who will appoint the new judge come to mind. Democrats have been worried about the day Ginsberg’s term would end because of the possibility of Democrats losing another seat on the court. Republicans want the seat to be filled as soon as possible in the case that Trump does not get re-elected, which would allow Biden to then get to appoint the Justice. 

“I do not think the decision will be based on trying to get voters because most people are already set on who they will vote for,” Junior Dion Sellitti said. 

Although the current president has made it apparent that he wants to win the election, he has also stated how the newly appointed judge would definitely be a woman, just as his competition, Joe Biden, did when he was choosing a vice president to run with.

Another thing to mention is that the Supreme Court Justices are tasked with interpreting different cases to decipher if they are constitutional or not.

 “Democrats and Republicans often have conflicting ideas on certain things…such as the Second Amendment and abortion rights,” Sellitti states.

Trump has issued a statement saying he will have appointed someone to fill the seat by the end of this week. The list has been narrowed down to three different nominees:

  • Amy Coney Barrett
  • Barbara Lagoa
  • Allison Jones Rushing
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