Santaluces Raider Team Shines At Jupiter High


Photo by Alexia Gonzalez

Santaluces Raider Team competing at Jupiter High School.

Daniela Martinez, Staff Writer

Coming in third place, ROTC’s raider team competed at Jupiter Community High School this previous weekend. Ten Santaluces Raiders team members participated in challenging events to test their leadership, teamwork, and strength. Because of Covid, schools have decreased the number of events to three: Gas can carry, rope bridge, and a relay race of 12 laps.

“I love the constant challenges and the teamwork that comes with Raiders. For example, you don’t run a 5k alone. You run it together, motivating each other to get through it”, says returning cadet Senior David Poleski.

After being on the team for four years, Poleski lost his fear of competing. Saturday was like another practice for him. And cadets like Poleski help motivate their team through the pain. The mental aspect of the competition is perhaps one of the hardest.

“As an individual, it was exciting and adrenaline filling. With the team, the energy is all there and that’s what it’s all about. We are here for each other. And due to it being a competition, we were all trying our best to win” says Freshmen Jakob Thompson about competing on Saturday.

“Running was the hardest part simply because of stamina and breathing.”

Instead of a 5k, cadets had to sprint around the track. With 12 laps done as a team effort, the team with the shortest amount of time takes the victory in that particular section. The weather wasn’t much of a help either. With wind resistance, cadets had to push a little more to finish their lap fast.

Even though it’s his first year on the team, Thompson has an excellent understanding of what teamwork and strength means. Fitting in wasn’t much of a struggle for him. It was almost perfect. He continues to grow closer with his team as the days pass by.

As the Raider Commander, I love being the one to motivate them to be the best versions of themselves, out during the competition and in practice. Especially for cadets like Thompson and Poleski, who show up every day and never give me anything below 100%. I know how hard it can be for someone to be confident of themselves, but I’ll be the one to remind the team that they’re capable of doing anything and everything they put their minds to. I am proud to lead this team.