Facial Coverings Have Been Deemed COMPLETELY Optional For Students


Penn Foster College

What classrooms looked like before the pandemic.

Melissa Eugene, Club Member

Previously, Mike Burke stated that students who choose not to wear a mask on campus have to send a note to the school from their parents stating that they no longer want to wear a mask. 

Since then, that has changed. Students on Palm Beach County campuses no longer have to have a note stating that they don’t want to wear a facial covering. 

Although facial coverings are completely optional and not mandatory, wearing one is still strongly encouraged for students and staff members,

“If it is strongly encouraged, then what’s the point of making it optional?” One parent states. 

Moreover, these optional mandates that the superintendent has been putting in place have had students and parents upset and worried about the increase in cases that are bound to happen.

“Hopefully, in the long run, the cases don’t skyrocket like before.” a Sophomore at Santaluces said.