New District Website Being Launched


Santaluces Website

The current website of the school.

Melissa Eugene, Club Member

As many of you know, the School District of Palm Beach County has a website that is accessible to parents and students for resources and information regarding school activities, whenever they need them. A lot of students, staff members, and parents have become familiar with the current website, but the Palm Beach County School District has decided that it is time for a change. 

Beginning Thursday, December 15, 2022, the District will be replaced with a new website that will be hosted by Blackboard. Even though the website is being replaced, there will still be information available for students, staff, and parents to look through, so don’t panic.

After the new website is launched and running, the Communications Project Team will also begin to do some work on school websites, the District mobile app, and the Hub/Intranet site. The go-live date for school websites is scheduled for sometime in March of 2023. For the Hub/Intranet, the go-live date for that is scheduled for April or May of next year. The current District mobile app will be hosted by Blackboard in the Spring of 2023.

That said, the next time you open the District website on your computer, don’t be surprised by how it looks a bit different. The information there will still be as helpful. 

It is always good to stay informed on topics such as these because it keeps you in the loop, and can somehow, in some way help you or someone you may know.