NHS Induction


Brittany Travis, Co-Editor

NHS Induction has always been considered a sacred tradition for the members. Both new and current members of NHS came together Monday night to welcome new members into the club officially while also getting a preview of how the rest of the year will progress.

To start the ceremony students and parents were led in the Pledge by NHS Treasurer Jackie Martinez. Principal Robinson was the first of three guest speakers that gave their support to the new members and their hopes for a successful year of NHS. The other guest speakers were Sabrine Pearson, a youth group leader at Compass, an LGBTQ Community Center, and Mrs.Holloway’s brother, Bryan Conklin.

Each officer presented one of the four pillars of the club: Scholarship, Service, Character, and Leadership. Their speeches were clearly well thought out and managed to be both personal and encouraging to the audience.

“Best induction yet, I’m excited to keep up the traditions of the club and hopefully introduce new ideas and opportunities for the students,” Mrs.Holloway said about her hopes for the rest of the year.

The ceremony lasted an hour and as families walked out NHS members had water and snacks set out for them to take as they left.