Band & Chorus During Virtual Learning

The 3000 building is home to both the Band and Choir among other academies.


The 3000 building is home to both the Band and Choir among other academies.

Azwad Ahmed, Editor

The start of this school year is one that will never be forgotten. Both K-12 schools and colleges have started the school year virtually, typically using Google Meet or Zoom to conduct classes. With academic based classes, the dynamic of the class stays mostly the same. Teachers would teach the curriculum they normally would during in-person instruction. The same can’t be said for performing elective classes like band and chorus. 

Band and chorus are classes that are more hands-on and focused on coming together and performing, rather than learning using a textbook. Both groups align their curriculum with the music selections they choose for their respective concerts and competitions.

 With marching band season being canceled, band director Mr. Tyler Nunziato has adapted to the circumstances and is focused on providing his students with quality education.

“We have been focusing on individual performance due to classes being held over Google Meet,” says Mr. Nunziato. “We are focusing on new vocabulary and precise detail.” It can be difficult to tell the progress of the band as a whole, but Mr. Nunziatio states, “It’s very easy to tell if a student is engaged. I’m glad to say that most of my students are engaged during class, even my beginning band.” When asked what he hopes the future holds for band, Mr. Nunziato states, “I hope to have smaller groups of ensembles playing at socially-distanced performances.”

Junior Logan Lemire, who is band captain is hopeful to come back as a better musician.

“I hope that as this pandemic goes on, members of the band continue to better their musicianship.” Lemire adds, “It would be amazing to come back after this pandemic and jump right into challenging music.”

The choir director, Ms. Agaoglu takes her instruction day by day.

“It’s an ongoing process,” she says.

To Ms. Agaoglu, keeping it simple is the way to go. Also being the AICE Music teacher, Ms. Agaoglu incorporates music theory into her instruction.

“I try to focus on the fundamentals of singing and music during my classes.”

With tons of competitions being canceled, Ms. Agaoglu is left uncertain of the future.

“I hope to start singing in the spring. The best-case scenario is that we can go Christmas caroling safely.”  

Chorus President, Senior Lesly Marquez describes the hardest part of learning music virtually as “not being able to sing with my fellow chorus members.” Marquez is hopeful for a safe reunion with her choir.

“I hope we can find a safe way to come together again so that we can record one of our performances so that there’s somewhat normalcy again,” she says.