Remembering 9-11 Victims

Time heals all wounds. That is a phrase that is repeated over and over, but sometimes it isn’t true. Sometimes the wound opens again, and even if justice has been done to the ones who committed the crime, this doesn’t always alleviate the pain.  But on this date, 12 years later, the nation sets its differences aside to be united as one.

For the twelfth anniversary of the 9-11 attack, some of the social studies teachers created a remembrance on campus in memory of the people who perished on that day.

Mr. Yohe created a project with his students in which they looked up a victim and researched that person. That way, the project would be a little bit more personal. Then, they would share their findings with the class.

“They shared it with the class so that way they are no longer just names on the wall,” said Mr. Yohe.  “It’s an ongoing process and in the shape is of the towers, that’s why there are two. Our plan is that we would reach the ceiling.”

Mrs. Weber also did something similar, but instead of the students researching a name of a victim, they made a memorial for the 9-11 victims. In class, Mrs. Weber showed images about some memorials around the country. Some memorials focused on one person and some universities  made memorials for their students and the youngest victims.  The students then had to use these memorials as inspiration to design their own.

“We figured the crossroad (in the 8000 building) was the perfect place because so many people go in and out in,” said Mrs. Weber.  “There are a few more going up today, since today my other classes will finish them up.”