Big Chiefs Help Little Chiefs Celebrate a Week of Dr. Seuss


Adie Gonzalez

Dr. Weigel reads “Green Eggs and Ham” to the Little Chiefs in honor of Dr. Suess’s birthday.

Early childhood has participated in the nationwide Read Across America Day by reading Dr. Seuss books each day of the week in honor of his birthday.

Administrators  Mr. Gaddy, Dr. Weigel, Mrs. Orndorff, and Mr. Ramos have volunteered their time to read Dr. Seuss favorites such as If Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? and Green Eggs and Ham.

“Mr. Gaddy was amazing,” said Early Childhood teacher, Mrs. Kouf, “He did really good voices and modeled great reading techniques. The students finally realized that there’s a technique to reading to little children and that I’m not just being silly.”

After Dr. Weigel’s reading of  Green Eggs and Ham, the little chiefs were given the opportunity to make their own green eggs.

“The kids loved Sam-I-Am,” said Dr. Weigel, “There’s nothing like being able to teach students at all levels. We teach them at three, we teach them at eighteen, and everything in between. It’s also neat to watch their faces light up when everything clicks.”