Meet Principal Robinson

Mishka Brice, Editor in Chief

Santaluces welcomes it’s latest addition to the chief family, new principal, Tameka Robinson.

As the new principal, she plans on maintaining and strengthening all of the academy programs, as well as “providing whatever support” she can in order to build them up. She is not planning on making any changes, however she will have to implement the new state curriculum that was put into effect earlier this year.

“We have a lot of changes curriculum-wise with the new standards,” said Mrs. Robinson. “So of course I’m working very closely with the teachers and the students to make sure that we continue to increase our student performance and achieve them. It’s going to be a challenge because it’s different, but I think we’re all going to do a great job.”

Mrs. Robinson is the third new principal of Santaluces in the past four years. Born and raised in Louisiana, Mrs. Robinson moved to Florida after graduating with an undergraduate degree from Southern University in 1996. Here in Florida, she received her Master’s at Florida Atlantic University.

While football is her favorite sport, Mrs. Robinson also loves to support the other sports on campus.

“Just being a part of the whole experience is what I’m looking forward to,” she said.

In her free time, Mrs. Robinson likes to run and spend time with her family.

“I’ve told the administrative team that it just feels like I’m back home where I need to be,” said Mrs. Robinson. “It feels really good, everyone’s been so welcoming and accommodating.”