Weekend Wanderings: Morikami Garden

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

The Morikami, located on 4000 Morkami Park Road in Delray, is home to the Roji-en (Gardens Of the Drops of Dew). This garden is comprised of six gardens each inspired by the gardens in Japan. The wide panoramic view of the water and nature leaves you feeling peace and bliss. Walking through the trails, each angle you shift your head in provides you with refreshing views and great places to take pictures. At moments, it is truly as if you’re walking through a garden in Japan.

Each area you enter has a plaque with information informing you on what you’re seeing. After finishing the 7/8th mile walk, you can rewind in the cafe or enjoy the Morikami Museum. While there, you can shop and get a taste of Japan. Admission varies from age to age. Eighteen years and older is 15$, while 6-17 is $9. Visit http://morikamig.org/ for more details. To further connect you with this place, here are some pictures to view.