iPhones Will Soon Have More Diverse Emojis


Angelina Garcia, Staff Writer

Currently only available to software developers, iOS 8.3 will bring drastic changes to emojis.

This update will allow users to change the skin color of certain emojis, with six tones to choose from. No longer will Santa Claus, the thumbs down, or the two dancing girls have to be white. Apple used a scale developed by dermatologists to determine the skin tones, the Fitzpatrick scale. If the user would like to access one of these new tones, all they would have to do is tap and hold their desired character, and then choose.

The ability to change skin tones isn’t the only new feature, but there will be new same-sex couple emojis with children.

Apple took this opportunity to please the Apple diehards out there, as they’ll be changing the old cell phone and wristwatch emojis with an iPhone 6 and the new Apple Watch.

Apple will also be adding 32 new country flags, and all together, there will be over 300 new emojis set to be released within the next few months.