LINK Crew Links Up With the Class of 2019


Angelina Garcia

Mr. Kalina explaining one of the ice-breaking activities while LINK leaders demonstrate.

Ilisha Strassler, Co-Editor-in-Chief

An estimated 450 freshmen and over 70 LINK Crew leaders attended freshmen orientation.

The activities began with the soon-to-be chiefs walking in and being greeted by cheerleaders, marching band members, and LINK crew leaders.

Mrs. Robinson gave a brief speech and welcomed the new students to the Chief family, and she also made sure to introduce new and returning staff members who were also present. She explained how high school provides many opportunities for extracurricular activities, new friends, and how it’s a stage in life that staff and LINK crew members are there to help with.

“High school is supposed to be fun,” said Mrs. Robinson. “But our number one goal is to educate you.”

Mr. Kalina, the SGA sponsor, took the lead and gave a short speech as well, but not without trying to incorporate some fun. He had the freshmen play games and ice-breaking activities with each other, such as giving the person beside them a massage or arranging their line from shortest to tallest without speaking. This was Mr. Kalina’s first year being in charge of orientation alongside history and LINK Crew teacher Mrs. Sheridan.

Freshmen were divided into groups with at least two LINK Crew leaders, and half were given a tour of Santaluces, while the others stayed back in the gym for more games and activities.

“It was hard to get them excited at first,” said senior and member of LINK Crew Rachel Smallcomb. “But at the end of the day I know that this will help them and that they gained more knowledge about the school.”

Despite some freshmen seeming to lack energy towards entering high school, it seemed to be beneficial to many.

“It was something new I’ve never seen before,” said Tristan Young, one of the new coming freshmen. “I got to see some new faces and it was really exciting.”

Before leaving, freshmen were asked to find the table in the courtyard corresponding to the letter of their last name to pick up their draft schedules, and many LINK leaders stuck around to answer questions about where their classes would be.