5 Tips to Prepare You for Exams

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

The greatest time of the year is finally here! The streets are filled with christmas lights and stores are stocking up on huge deals for the holidays. Since this is my favorite time of year, I am just counting the days until Christmas Day. As a student, I know how amazing it is to feel so close to the days off that come with winter break. Something really sad though, is when you have to get through all of these horrendous finals that you probably have no idea how to pass. I understand all of the emotions that come with finals, because trust me, I’ve been there. As a senior, I’ve seen what helps me prepare for finals and what just causes me more stress. Let me help enlighten you with some hopefully, helpful tips that will prepare you for finals.

5 tips for preparing for finals

1. Study efficiently, not hard: Don’t over study yourself on each subject! Make sure that when you study it’s in a timely manner. You have to remember you have about 7 classes to study for. Personally, I find studying to not be so boring when I use an app called ‘study blue’. It has flashcards, a matching game for vocab, and a “write in the answer” game. Whatever you do, don’t cram in everything the night before.

2. Write your notes down, and say them out loud: One thing that always helps me remember what I have to study is by saying the notes I’ve written down aloud. Sometimes it even helps to say your notes to someone as if you’re having a conversation. That way it can be easier to remember.

3. Take a brain break: I understand that when you study for finals your brain can sometimes feel like it’s frying because of everything you’re trying to memorize. I recommend watching a YouTube video in between each subject you’re studying for. Just resist the urge of forgetting completely about studying.

4. Test what you know: Go over your notes, graded quizzes, homework assignments and ask yourself questions. This allows you to evaluate how much you already know and don’t know. This can either encourage or discourage you, just remember you have to do it, so do it right.

5. Reward yourself: After you’ve finished your study sessions and the finals you studied so hard for, treat yourself to something. Buy yourself a coffee, go out to eat or maybe do something really simple like giving yourself the ultimate break from doing anything. I love reading, so after my finals that’s all i’ll be doing. Just make sure you recognize how much effort you put into your finals.