Prom Madness Begins

Haley Hinkofer , Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year, when girls start stressing out about small details and guys ask where they can get a corsage: prom season.

Prom isn’t until April 28th but the countdown for the day begins as soon as juniors and seniors come back from winter break. In a majority of my classes, conversations have been consumed by dress shopping, what color of dress to get, debates about getting a makeup/hair stylist, prom dates, prom proposals, the different themes for prom, limo or no limo, and of course the price tag that comes along with everything.

So far this year, the most popular dress colors that girls are attracted to are: maroon, black, navy blue, royal blue, gold, and sliver. The color dresses that you should stay away from are: yellow, orange, hot pink, too much pattern, and of course any neon color. A popular trend for dresses are two piece dresses. The top and bottom parts of the dress are separate, exposing a small part of the girl’s stomach.

To go along with the perfect dress, girls also have been spending a majority of their time searching the internet for makeup and hair inspiration. Once they have found the perfect look, then they try to recreate the look for themselves. For the girls who aren’t as advanced in the makeup department like myself, we find a makeup/hair stylist to do it for us. Of course, girls can’t forget to get a fresh manicure to finish off their look. Makeup at a counter such as Sephora or MAC can range from $50 to $100. A manicure/pedicure about $50 and a hair stylist can cost up to $100.

For the boys, they have it pretty relaxed compared to girls on the actual getting ready process, but they have prom proposals to worry about.

“It’s a lot of stress,” said senior Dylan Holland, my boyfriend. “I have no idea what I’m going to do.”

For the first time every seniors and juniors had a say in this year’s Prom theme. They voted during lunch, and chose between “Enchanted Forest” or “Masquerade” or “Passport to Prom”

“Myself and Netherland got together to discuss this year’s prom theme,” said Ms. Pavilonis, senior class sponsor, “I felt bad about how the seniors this year didn’t get a say in prom their junior year. So I wanted to make up for it this year and have both classes vote for what they wanted.”

The results came in and “Enchanted Forest” won for the prom theme.

It’s exciting, as well as stressful to plan everything out for prom but when the day rolls around and after the thousands of pictures are taken, what really matters is the experience and the memories you make that night with your friends. Be safe and have fun on prom night!