Where to Find Prom Dresses

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

Being in the middle of prom season, there’s a bunch of confusion and stress in the air. Girls start to wonder about what hairstyles they’re going to choose from, where they’re going to get their makeup done, and most importantly where they’re going to buy their prom dress. I understand first hand how difficult it is to not find the perfect prom dress. When I started to shop for prom dresses, I had no idea where to even start. I went to a ton of boutiques and stores until I found the dress. Since I pretty much went everywhere to look for dresses, I’m here to tell you my top 3 stores that had the best selections.

1. Madame Butterfly: Madame Butterfly is located in the Boynton Beach Mall and is perfect if you don’t want to go too far. Their prices vary per designer, but I saw prices on sale for $90-$650. There’s a pretty good selection of dresses on sale if you don’t want to spend too much. This is the first place I went to, and really gave me an idea of what I was looking for in a dress. The owner is extremely attentive to the shoppers needs and wants, and definitely made me feel certain I could find a dress in there.

2. La Casa Hermosa: This boutique is located in the Wellington Green Square. This boutique is way more on the expensive side. I only saw dresses that ranged from $400-$900. I tried on a bunch of dresses here and fell in love with each one but refused to buy one because it’s not realistic for me to buy such an expensive dress I’ll only wear once. But, I know some girls love to splurge for prom, and if you’re planning to, with the dresses at this boutique you’ll look like you stepped out of a fairytale (perfect for the enchanted forest theme). They have such gorgeous gowns and the owner talks you through the process of picking a dress, making it so much easier.

3. Camille La Vie: I saved the best for last; also the farthest. Camille La Vie is located inside of the Sawgrass Mall all the way on Sunrise Blvd. This store is where I got not only my dress, but my earrings and most likely where I’ll be getting my heels from. This store is prom central. When I walked in I remember feeling so overwhelmed by all of my choices, but so fascinated by all of the different types of dresses around me. I’m not even exaggerating, I’m sure I tried on at least 20 dresses. The funny this is I ended up buying the first one I tried on. Their fitting rooms are the best. They have a wall that is all mirror where you can see yourself from every angle, and the best part: They have the best prices I saw. Prices ranged from around $150-$700, but I saw a huge selection in the $250 area. These gowns are beautiful and definitely makes going that far for a dress worth your time.