Back to School Style


Faith Beaubrun , Fashion Editor

School is back in session and the students of Santaluces are dressed to impress. At our school, personal style is important and can be expressed openly in a variety of ways. The first week of school is the perfect opportunity to rock your outfits and break in new shoes. There was an overwhelming number of bomber jackets, graphic tees, and skinny jeans on campus and even with the many different styles students call their own, there are a lot more similarities than meets the eye.

Stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Macy’s are the top back to school fashion retailers for guys and girls. Teens are drawn to the trendy, comfortable, and affordable clothes they offer and it’s nearly impossible not to find one of these tags in the closets of today’s youth.

While shopping, sophomore Ashleign Russel-Digilio says she looks for clothes that are “cute and comfortable” at top mall retailers.

On the other hand, other department stores, like Burlington Coat Factory, are popular among teens, according to freshman Rebecca Scott who likes to pick clothes “by color.”

A slept on back to school shopping spot is the thrift store where you can buy cool, retro style clothes for dirt cheap, and dress them up with touches of your personal style.

What trends are you likely to see this year at Santaluces? Well, with fashion’s ever changing trends, this year it seems like students are taking the retro sporty route, incorporating brands like Thrasher and Fila in their closets. Popular brands such as, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Air Jordan, Vans, Tommy Hilfiger, and Polo Ralph Lauren are still ┬ávery visible on campus. Of course, more important than the name of the brand is the person wearing the clothes and what they’re wearing says about them. Whether you’re flashy and extra or basic and clean cut, wear what you want this school year and be unapologetic about it.