The Spot: Kelly’s Pool Hall

Ethan Mansdorf, Photo Editor

For the past 29 years, Kelly’s Pool Hall has been the hub of entertainment in Lantana for community members of all ages and backgrounds.

Founded by owner Chris Tauber in 1989, Kelly’s was created with the intent of making an anchor point for the community. It is a place where above all else, the atmosphere is what stands out. Large windows cover the front wall, creating a sense of transparency and invitation to anyone casually walking by. The music at Kelly’s is louder than most pool halls making, for a fun and exciting spot. And the jukebox is open to anyone who wants to play something.

The bar is open to all ages serving sodas, shakes, and refreshments for everyone. There are seats and tables flooded throughout making it the perfect spot to bring a group of friends to just chill for a few hours and play a few rounds of pool while listing to some good music.

Although Kelly’s is a fun, relaxing place that promotes a great vibe for a good time, it is also very clean and maintains a professional level of service as they occasionally host professional billiards competitions.

“I’ve seen people that have been coming in here since they were 15 learning how to play now bring in their kids in and teach them,” said Tauber. “We are consistent and timeless. I don’t change much around here because there’s no need to; the principles of a good spot are solid and it’s pretty much been the same since we’ve opened.”

In 1989 billiards halls where frowned upon by most communities and at the time none of the three other “local” pool halls offered a fun, friendly environment that everyone could enjoy. After a community board vote, it came down to one board member who voted in favor of the hall and since then Kelly’s has been an iconic staple of Lake Worth culture.

For any first timers, there are:

-15 championship-sized Brunswick tables

-Multiple flatscreen high-def tv’s to watch all the big games

-A smoke-free and vapor-free environment

-And the fees are more then reasonable. $10 gets you an hour at a table for 2 people, then its only $1 more per person at the table

Hours are..

MONDAY-THURSDAY: 3 pm – 1 am

FRIDAY: 3pm – 2 am

SATURDAY: 1 pm- 2 am

SUNDAY: 1 pm- 1 am

5877 S. Congress Ave. Atlantis, FL 33462

From students, bikers, bartenders, businessmen and just casual players, everyone who resides in West Palm Beach should at some point make their way to Kelly’s.