New School IDs On Campus

Jordan Cruz, Staff Writer

Identification cards are mandatory to be worn throughout the school day by students.

Administration has recently implemented this safety protocol due to the recent events that have happened at schools across America. Any measure should be taken in order to prevent as much as possible in a disaster.

There has been a great amount of backlash following these new rules. Most of the complaints revolve around how many feel this is similar to how it was in middle school, and that they are beginning to treat students less like adults and more like kids. Others find it unnecessary and simply do not wish to wear their identification cards, whether  it be due to an embarrassing picture or the damper it puts on the outfit they tried so hard to perfect. Either way, I completely disagree with these opinions.

The reasoning behind this new rule is strictly to enhance the safety here on campus. I am perfectly fine with wearing some form of identification so long as I can feel safer at school. It is a quick and very effective way of identifying who is or isn’t a student, but it only works if students adhere to directions.

Please be sure that you have and wear your ID every school day because without it, you will receive a dress code violation.

If you refuse to wear your ID due to an embarrassing picture, then luckily that is an easy fix. For simply $5, you can retake your picture and receive a brand new card. This is extremely convenient, even if you lose your ID.

Junior Isaiah Garcia stated that “even though we don’t want to wear them, we understand it is necessary to make this school a better place”.

On the other hand, freshman Jayden Garcia states “the IDs don’t really matter to me since I had to wear them all throughout middle school”.

It’s very easy to get upset about this new safety measure, but I urge everyone to view it in perspective of how our school’s safety will be affected.


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