Victorrio Duval (Wanisha Thomas)
Victorrio Duval

Wanisha Thomas

Chiefs’ Little Italy

October 18, 2018

Would you pay thousands of dollars to travel internationally, learn new languages, and experience different cultures while getting your education?

16 year old Santaluces senior, Victorrio Duval has had the privilege of participating in an international foreign exchange program, Worldwide Education Program or W.E.P.

From far out in Milan, Italy a random school [Santaluces] in America was chosen for Victorrio  where he will now stay for a semester.

“I live, now, with a host family and will live here for six months and will leave in December,” said Victorrio.

Being the new student is never easy, Duval talks about the difficulty in both being new and keeping up with the language.

“It’s hard to pick up different accents along with the language. It’s especially hard with young people and their use of slang,” said Victorrio.

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Having experienced now three months of schooling in America, there are a few differences Duval sees between schooling in Italy and Florida.

“In Italy, we stay in one classroom the entire day, there are no rotations,” said Duval “and in Pre Calculus, I am learning now what I learned two years ago, granted the year just started.”

Whereas Duval is a senior here, when he returns to Italy in next semester he will have to complete his fifth year, and will graduate the following year.

Duval encourages everyone to take part in this amazing opportunity to explore the world.

“When you’re learning in a country, you get an inside look on their cultures and customs.”

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