Chiefs’ Presidency: Christina Sentmanat


Wanisha Thomas, Features Editor

It wasn’t a surprise to see Santaluces junior, Christina Sentmanat, running for class president as she has thought of doing so since she was younger

“I’ve wanted to run my freshman and sophomore year but had friends running for the position I wanted.” said Christina.

Entering her junior year, the push to run was too strong to withhold.

“This year, I couldn’t not do it again,” said Christina “It was something I really wanted to do, so I decided to run.”

When asked what she hoped to accomplish through her position, Sentmanat answered to enhance the Chief pride and spirit.

“I really want to make everyone really love Santaluces like I do and participate in everything we do.” said Sentmanat.

Christina hopes to increase the participation in school spirit, pep rallies, spirit weeks, and sports games/events.

“Like the people who helped build the junior float,” said Christina. “Participating in these activities makes the school more enjoyable.”

Sentmanat goes on to talk about the hardships being an officer.

“The hardest part about being an officer is realizing that although I’m in a position to improve the school and the environment for our students, some students still won’t put in as much effort.” said Sentmanat.

Should we expect to see Christina on the ballot next year?

“I definitely want to run next year!” said Sentmanat.