Shaina In the Spotlight

November 8, 2018


Kaliyn L

Shaina Francis performing

Shaina Francis is active in her junior class by being part of SNHS, NHS and a officer for SGA. On top of all that, she takes an abundance of AP and AICE classes. With all that’s going on in her school life, one may think she must be bombarded with work constantly. Despite her busy schedule, she still makes room to do one of her favorite things: theater.

Her love for theater is nothing new, she has been doing it since she was around 7 or 8 in summer camps. Shaina said, “I’ve always been exposed to it [theater] through seeing performances with my family.” She carried her passion through middle school and in her freshman year she joined drama. Mrs. Ellington, our school’s drama teacher, introduced her to the Lake Worth Playhouse. Shaina began doing theater there as of last August and she’s been doing it there since.

Theater, as she said, “gives [her] a time to escape and just have fun and forget about everything.”

Some musicals Shaina has done in her time at the Lake Worth Playhouse are Oliver Twist and Flashdance. As of late, she was playing in Young Frankenstein which came to a close recently. Shaina has no plan of stopping however. “I’m not sure what the next musical I’m doing is yet, I guess we’ll have to wait and see!” Santaluces Chiefs won’t be able to see her acting at the moment, but keep a lookout!  Eventually, she will be in the spotlight again.

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