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Tyler Lasky, one of our Chiefs’ defensive players, help uplift the team every game.

Chiefs’ Soccer Player: Tyler Lasky

Height: 5’8


Sport: Soccer


Position: “I used to play center mid; however, the coach this year want

ed to challenge me and placed me in stopper.”


College Interest: “I am planning to go to the University of Florida or Florida State University.”


Greatest Accomplishment: “My greatest accomplishment in soccer is when I got in the Florida National Soccer Team. I played during nationals and we got to states.”


Have you had any major obstacles in your athletic career? If so, what were they and how did you overcome these obstacles?

The biggest obstacle that I went through during soccer season was when I hurt my left ankle and it had affected my playing; however, I overcame this obstacle by going to sports

therapy. My ankles still hurt but I still play for the team because I am really dedicated in soccer.”

What are some healthy routines or routines you follow in general?

“I make sure that I eat healthy before games or practice. I eat healthier now than before to help my stamina during games. I try to pay attention to what I consume everyday. During practice, I make sure to push myself to work harder than the last practice. For example, if I ran 1 mile last practice then next practice I would run 2 miles.”


What have you learned about teamwork from playing sports?

“I have learned that teamwork is a huge factor in playing sports because without the effort of each player we would not win any games. I have learned that every team has different vib

es and you get used to that vibe which makes a team work. The team is a family that I appreciate. Each player in the team push each other to do better and improve daily.”

Do you have any long term athletic goals?

“Soccer is an amazing sport and I love it; however, I am not planning to

play soccer during my college years because I want to focus more on my education. Also, people only see me as an athlete and I want people to see that I am also intelligent.”

What career are you interested in pursuing in the future?

“In the future, I see myself being in the field of criminology. However, I am still indecisive about which part of criminology I want to do.”

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