Green Cay, The Spot For Nature

Kailyn Licari and Alayna Reddick

Kailyn Licari
An Anhinga perched

    Nature lovers and photography enthusiasts are sure to love Green Cay. Green Cay is a wetland nature preserve that was formed in 1999. Visitors follow a boardwalk through the 100 acre property, experiencing the different sections of the wetland.

When journeying through the preserve an abundance of wetland birds and animals can be seen. This includes but is not limited to bobcats, snowy egrets, ospreys, white ibis’s, and gators. These creatures can be specific to the various portions of the preserve, such as the deep zones, emergent marshes, and the cypress swamp.

There’s plenty of picturesque moments waiting to be captured and the chance to relax on a walk through nature’s beauty is always appealing.

    Cloudy days and early mornings or late afternoons are the best times to go for an enjoyable experience. There’s even a main nature center to check out if visitors would rather be inside. Animals such as gators can be found along with information on varying activities and programs available that day or in the future.

    Green Cay is a window of the lush nature that perseveres from its concrete surroundings. With Florida becoming more industrialized, it is often forgotten that most of South Florida used to be one and the same with the marshy habitat of Green Cay. It serves as a way to immerse yourself in nature that is separate from the stress of school books, the smog clouding the air, or the same bland colors. Although the outside world is always still present, little glimpses of the road can be seen from the docks within preserve.

I love how we have preservation of Florida wildlife amidst urbanized Florida. It’s one of a kind. ”

— Zoe Farrell

So next time there’s some free time from doing homework, try visiting this amazing spot for a little bit of nature and peace.