College decisions are being released soon. (Creative Commons)
College decisions are being released soon.

Creative Commons

College Letter Season: Accepted or Rejected?

January 28, 2019

It is that time of the year where seniors from all around are anxiously waiting for their acceptance letters from their desired institution. As many students patiently wait months to hear back, they begin to acquire lots of stress and anxiety. Here are a few ways to cope with the stress. First, try to ignore the critical inner voice within oneself. Everyone has self critical thoughts that are ready to spring as soon as one feels doubtful or vulnerable. When other students and friends start to hear back from schools, try to not compare oneself to others as this is an easy way to awaken the critical inner voice. Also, in order to cope with the anxiety that comes along with the waiting process, rely on breathing exercises that are proven to actually help the brain calm down, perform moderate exercises and engage in a hobby to keep busy. Throughout the process, it is important to maintain a positive attitude and speak positive thoughts into the universe as they will be reciprocated.

After being accepted, there are many steps to take. First, wait for more options to arrive before making a final decision. Then, compare costs and make sure to factor in tuition, the cost of living; i.e. meal plans and dorm fees, scholarships and other financial considerations. Make sure to research the culture of each potential school and even consider visiting the school to take a tour of it. Once all of these decisions have been decided, finalize your choice, contact the rejected colleges as a courteous gesture and finish high school strong.

If you were deferred or denied from a school, don’t be too upset, there are many options and opportunities still available. If a student is set on attending a college in the fall, they can look for schools that are still accepting applications. Another option is to take a gap year. During this gap year, students have the opportunity to do many things such as working, interning, volunteering, traveling, etc. Students can also attend a local community college as they continue to figure out their next moves. This allows them to stray from following behind.

Decision release dates:

University of Florida – 2/8/2019

Florida State University – 1/31/2019

University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, University of North Florida, Florida International University and Florida Golf Coast, Florida Atlantic University, University of Miami and Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University – Rolling Admission


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