Andy Lanza holding the District Champs trophy. (Gabrielle Villanueva)
Andy Lanza holding the District Champs trophy.

Gabrielle Villanueva

Chiefs’ Soccer Player: Andy Lanza

February 5, 2019

Height: 5’10


Soccer Position: Defender “Center Back”


College Interest:

“ I am interested in the University of Central Florida. I am still indecisive of what major I would like to study. I was always interested in this university since a lot of people have told me that it is an amazing school.”


How long have you been playing soccer?

“I have been playing soccer since I was 8 years old, so about 10 years now.”


Are you going to continue to play soccer in the future/college? Why/Why not?

“If any universities offer me a chance to play for their school then I would love to play in the future. I have been interested about playing in college; however, I also want to focus on my studies instead of playing.”


What advice would you give to incoming soccer players?

“My advice for incoming soccer players is to work hard all the time and always push yourself from your limits. Never give up on your dreams even if it is hard. Lastly, remember to have good, respectful ethics and teamwork is key to success.”


What have you learned from your teammates and coaches that you have applied to your everyday life?

“I learned that pushing others to do their best always works. I learned to never get in my head if I have made a mistake during games and my everyday life.”


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