Baseball player, Jonah Backensto. (Gabrielle Villanueva)
Baseball player, Jonah Backensto.

Gabrielle Villanueva

Chiefs’ Baseball Player: Jonah Backensto

February 14, 2019

Height: 6’1


Baseball Position: Pitcher


College Interest:

“At the moment I am going to get my Associates Degree in Palm Beach State and probably move up to a university. I am still unsure which university I want to go to after getting my associates. I am thinking of going to University of Florida or University of North Florida.”  


How long have you been playing baseball?

“I have been playing baseball since I was a kid. I started playing tee ball when I was a kid and after playing tee ball I grew interest on playing baseball. I thought it was a cool sport to play when I was a kid and it is an amazing sport.”


Are you going to continue to play baseball in the future/college? Why or Why not?

“I am interested playing baseball in the future. My goal one day is to play in the Major Leagues. At the moment, I am going to focus on getting my associates degree and then, hopefully play for a university.”


What advice would you give to the incoming baseball players?

“My advice to incoming baseball players is to always work hard. Never give up on yourself even if you made a mistake. Always practice and work out. However, it is also good to take a break once and awhile.”


What have you learned from your teammates and coaches that you have applied to your everyday life?

“I learned to never quit on my goals and my dreams. To push myself over my limits to become a better athlete. I also learned to equally balance studies and sports.”


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