Chiefs of Santaluces: Danielle Copp


Hailey Velong, Staff Photographer

Danielle Copp is a Junior who is actively involved in our JROTC. Being in it since freshman year, the JROTC program has taught her to be confident, dedicated, and work hard no matter what challenge she faces.


Each year the JROTC has a cadet challenge where students compete against each other in a series of physical activities. Boys and girls have the same timed test which includes pushups, a one mile run, sit ups and more. This past year the top two cadets who tied for first were both female, including Danielle.


I would say JROTC was a main part of learning skills like dedication and hard work as well as sports in high school. -Danielle Copp


Danielle’s father was in the Army and has been her inspiration ever since she was a little kid. She admired him for serving his country through the armed forces and aspired to follow in his footsteps. However, being so young Danielle didn’t realize there were other branches of the military: Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard.


I thought serving the country was amazing and I always wanted to do something great in the world. -Danielle Copp


Danielle has decided that she is going to enlist into the Marines after high school, following in her big sister’s footsteps. The US Marine Corps strives to win every battle they face on and off the battlefield, relying on their confidence and the confidence of those alongside them. Becoming a Marine is definitely not easy and even harder for women as they are expected to perform the same as men and therefore have to work harder. Danielle’s sister overcame the challenges and graduated from basic training which further inspired Danielle to strive to do her best and become apart of the US Marine Corps.


My sister showed me how strong and brave she was when she graduated from the Marines basic training. She and my dad are both my inspiration to do just as great. -Danielle Copp