How to Budget Your Money During Prom Season


Nia Ford

Chiefs dance the night away.

Aliya Linan, Staff writer

With the end of the year approaching, seniors must budget their money wisely. One of the end of year expenses for seniors include prom. Some people can spend at least $1000 between dresses, tuxedos, heels, make up, hair, dinner and a car or limo rental. However, most can not afford that so here are some tips to have a nice, yet cheap prom.

First off, buy your ticket as soon as you can. The prices start off at $75 and increase by $10 each week. So they can get as expensive as $95. If you buy a ticket for prom, you are obviously going to need something to wear. Tuxedos and prom dresses are not cheap, but luckily you won’t be the first one going to prom. If you have an older cousin, sibling or friend that has gone to prom before, asking them to borrow their prom wear can be either free or cheap if they decide to rent it out to you.

Junior Lesly Hernandez said, “I didn’t want to spend too much money on a dress this year since it’s only my junior prom, so i paid my friend $60 to let me wear her dress from prom last year.”

Not only can you use someone else’s prom attire, but you can also buy a cheaper, yet beautiful dress or rent a nice tuxedo. Men’s Wearhouse has a suit available to rent online for $100 with the choice of different colors for the tie and an option to add shoes for only $10 extra. Macy’s has dresses as inexpensive as $79 and Dillard’s clearance in the Boynton Beach mall has a section dedicated to prom dresses that are $100 or less. So, you can make prom affordable while still looking nice.

For the ladies, having your makeup done may be what pulls your prom look together. MAC in the Wellington Mall does makeup looks for free as long as you buy one of their products. For example, if you wanted to add lashes to your makeup look, you could spend $17 on their lashes and have your whole makeup done for prom. If you don’t want to spend any money at all, there are millions of tutorial videos online to help you achieve a perfect look for prom, not only for makeup looks but for hair looks as well.

There may be a unwritten rule that says you have to go take photos and eat dinner before prom. If you chose to do this, there are so many low-cost ways to do this. iPhones have been increasing their camera quality for years now. Taking photos on your phone could save you money instead of paying someone else to take your photos. And if you want to have a nice dinner with your friends, who said you can’t order a chick-fil-a platter that is only $43.50 for a 120 piece nuggets. Dividing that among 5 friends can leave you guys paying less than $10 each. Also there is food at prom for you to eat if you do not want to spend any money at all.

Senior Tony Sheerer said, “My friends and I are deciding to not spend that much money and instead of going out to eat we’re getting Publix chicken tenders.”

Don’t let expenses get in the way of stopping you from making memories with your class.