May is Mental Health Awareness Month


Micaela Saravia, Staff Writer

May has been deemed annual ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’ in the United States since 1949. The purpose has been to bring to light the importance of taking care of yourself not only physically, but mentally as well. Mental health has been seen as taboo for many years, especially in older generations. It has been seen as a choice rather than an involuntary state of mind, even though over time it has been proven that is not the case. People who grew up in earlier generations where times were financially harsher and everyone was more caught up on where their next meal was coming from, saw anyone who had any sort of mental illness as ‘crazy’ or ‘doing it for attention’. And men were raised that to believe that even shedding a tear was ‘weak’ so struggling with emotional health was not rarely brought to light, resulting in situations that could have been stopped.

Luckily with time came change and despite some cultures still not coming to terms with mental health, there has been an improvement. The country itself has become more accepting towards mental help such as counseling, therapy, and support groups and the idea that through that help people can become happier and learn beneficial coping skills. Taking care of your health has become an importance and the message of seeking help when needed has even been spread through social media. Artist such as Logic and Demi Lovato have released songs in the previous years attempting to normalize mental health which has been a step in the right direction.

“I really see the importance of mental health and I am looking forward to letting people close to me know that they can count on me when they need it. I also want to finds ways to show my support in our community.” Said Senior Madison Ford.

Within this month, communities and schools come together to show their support towards mental health awareness. Such as the campaign “Get Your Green On” in Delray and Palm Beach where everyone is encouraged to wear green and post on social media to the designated hashtag on May 23 to show your support. Make sure to get involved and to show your support this month.