Meet the New Guidance Counselor: Ms. Scott

Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

Ms. Scott is the new guidance counselor here at Santaluces. Her office is located to the right of the guidance office when you walk in. Many are very thankful to have her here even though she has only been here for a short period of time.

Where were you born/from?
I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL. My mother is from Bridgeville,
Delaware, and my dad is from Trelawny, Jamaica.

How do you like the school/first impressions?
My experience at Santaluces High School has been amazing so far! The students
are very respectful, down-to earth, and have so much personality. The faculty and
staff have been extremely friendly, and welcoming since my first day here. I am
so grateful to be a CHIEF!

How long have you been a school counselor?
This is my first year as a school counselor! However, I am no stranger to the
school system. I completed my Practicum at FAU High School, and my Internship
at Olympic Heights Community High School. I was also employed at A.D.
Henderson University School for three years. In addition, I graduated from Royal
Palm Beach Community High School.

What did you do before you became a school counselor?

I had a total of three part-time jobs during graduate school! I worked as an
afterschool counselor, and substitute teacher at A.D. Henderson University
School; and as a Career Consultant for the FAU Career Center. During the
summer, I worked as a teacher assistant for Karen Slattery Educational Research
Center for Child Development.

What made you want to become a school counselor?
I have always been passionate about improving the academic experience for at-
risk students. My passion has led me towards a career that builds awareness on
bullying and suicide prevention in multicultural and gender fluid communities,
increase high school graduation rates and influence students to become college
and career ready.

Do you have hobbies outside of school?
I love working out, reading books about history and spending time with my

 Where did you go to school?
The Florida Atlantic University! Home of the OWLS! HOOT-HOOT!

So far what is your favorite thing about this school?
I love how diverse the student body is! I enjoy seeing and learning about the
culture of different students and their backgrounds as well. I believe that elevates
our students’ social skills, which is so vital once they further their journey after
high school.

What are you looking forward to this school year?

I am looking forward to graduation in May. This is a time where students, and
parents, will get the chance to reap the benefits of four-years of hard work,
perseverance and dedication. I know that many of our seniors have been dreaming
about this moment, and I can’t wait to be a part of that experience!