Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Review

A storm trooper patrolling the crowd for any rebels.

Jordan Foldy, Staff Writer

Star Wars fans have been waiting months for the new land Galaxy’s Edge that just recently opened. The new land is remarkable from the ride to the decorations. Disney always tends to outdo themselves and make every detail unforgettable. Disney has thought of everything possible to make this new world stand out. As soon as you step into the doors of Galaxy’s Edge each employee is in character and will not break. You will find each one dressed up in character and if you look closely you can see that each name tag is in the language of the characters home planet. Each employee is required to have a background story from their Star Wars life. They have “rebels” dressed up in native attire randomly walking around with the people as if they fit in. Not only rebels but characters from the movies such as Ray and Storm Troopers. It is a magical experience I would highly recommend if you are a Star Wars fan.

I could not think of a better way that Disney could have toped this. The new Falcon ride was remarkable and felt realistic. The ride itself is a mimic of the mission to Mars ride in Epcot. The new ride is called Smugglers Run and that describes the ride perfectly. The ride is a perfect mix of Mission to Mars and the other Star Wars ride Star Tours. As soon as you step foot on the Falcon everything is up to you and your other passengers. Each person is assigned a job and each job has its own duties. It feels super realistic and is very interactive. I would give this ride and 8 1/2 only due to the fact that some roles were more interactive than other and there was little to no directions when getting on the ride and when getting in to board the ship. Besides those few complaints I would highly recommend you try it out for yourself.

Overall the land was well thought out with everything Disney did. It was very breathtaking to look and see all the decorations and building and how realistic it felt. The details made it feel as if we were actually on Galaxy’s Edge. There is plenty to do and see and in a few months there will be two rides to help the entertainment stay alive. In the end, Galaxy’s Edge is extremely worth a visit.


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