Local Eats: Charlie’s Happy Corn

Karen Portillo, Staff Writer


From its sweet mangonadas, to its milkshakes and smoothies, Charlie’s Happy Corn is the place to be to satisfy your cravings of Mexican snacks and desserts. Located in Palm Springs, Florida, this family-friendly restaurant has various treats everyone can enjoy. Its fresh fruits and authentic taste leaves customers asking for more.

For only $6.60, its best-seller is the mangonada. A mangonada is a sweet drink that features a frozen mango mixture with a hint of lime, topped with mango chunks and mixed with Chamoy (chili sauce) and Tajin. Although the spices may not be everyone’s favorite part about the drink, with or without it, the mangonada is guaranteed to satisfy a thirsty customer.

Karen Portillo
Mangonada is Charlie’s Happy Corn’s best seller.

Its various flavors of snow cones, milkshakes, and smoothies bring plenty of customers through its doors on a daily basis. Snacks such as Tosti Locos, nachos, chicharron preparado, Mexican style hot dogs, and manzanas loca allow people to get a taste of Mexico at home. Senior, Jessica Perez believes, “It depends how I feel on the day. If it’s hot outside I like to get a mangonada or a diabilto which is really really good, but if I’m hungry I get an esquite.”

While waiting for your order or simply enjoying your treat in their dining area, traditional Mexican music can be heard playing throughout. Its effortless decorations allow customers to focus more on their treats than the simplicity of the restaurant.

For Chiefs wanting to explore new restaurants and get a feel of Mexican snacks, Charlie’s Happy Corn is only eleven minutes away from Santaluces and four minutes away from Palm Beach State College, so if you are looking for a delicious afternoon snack or a frozen drink to bring before classes at college, you know where the new hot spot is at.

Keep in mind that the wait time might take a while. A simple mangonada may take up to five minutes to make while other treats take even longer, but remember every order is made fresh.


Address: 3273 Lake Worth Rd, Palm Springs, FL 33461

Hours: Monday-Sunday     10 AM-10 PM

Telephone: (561) 612-7080