COS: Tanisha Louis


Karen Portillo

Tanisha Louis enjoys making cooking videos with her older brother Roger Louis.

Karen Portillo, Staff Writer

Walking down the halls, junior Tanisha Louis always has a smile on her face. Being a member of the counterculture club and yearbook, Tanisha enjoys being an active student in her school.

Louis has been a part of the yearbook staff since her freshman year of high school. Writing pages and interviewing the student body, she admits being in the class has its pros and cons. Louis stated, “Although the class can be very stressful at times, I like the bond we create throughout the year. We treat each other like family so it’s nice to be in a class where everybody gets along well with one another. Yearbook has impacted my life in many ways like helping me become more creative in the projects I do, and allowing me to improve my grammar.”

When she is not doing homework or working on the yearbook, Tanisha enjoys making cooking videos with her older brother Roger Louis. The segment initially started with her brother cooking by himself and Tanisha being behind the camera. After a couple of months of doing the job, Tanisha felt unappreciated only being in control of the camera, so her brother decided to let her become co-host. Together, they became the famous cooking duo. Some of the foods they have made include pasta, cookies, homemade burgers, and pizza. With every cooking show, taste testers are needed. For Tanisha and her brother’s show, they have their mom, his girlfriend, and their little cousin, who also serves as a camera girl, to try out their creations.

Their videos are shared through her brother’s Instagram story (@dltk_ent) and they hope to expand onto YouTube to reach a bigger crowd.

Although Tanisha loves making cooking videos with her brother, she has other plans for her future. Louis hopes to get accepted into Florida State University’s Care Program and follow her sister’s footsteps.