Mrs. Renzette: A Lifelong Learner


Karen Portillo

Mrs. Renzette hopes to do the best she can to help her daughters become successful women in society.

Karen Portillo, Staff Writer

Teaching for over 25 years in her life, Mrs. Renzette has committed herself to teaching the Chiefs for 22 years. Graduating from the University of Delaware and majoring in Earth and Space Science, this is Mrs. Renzette’s first year teaching the AICE Environmental class. Although all the information is new to her, Mrs. Renzette commented, “Having taught the same thing for over 25 years and not being able to learn something new towards the class does tend to get tiring, but this year as I teach AICE Environmental, I get to have a huge year of learning. I hope to go through this first year and reflect and organize what I need to keep the same or change for the next school year.”

When she is not teaching, Mrs. Renzette enjoys running, exercising, organizing, and cleaning. Two years ago, she traveled to Italy and France, but she usually likes to travel within the states. Over the summer, Mrs. Renzette likes to visit family in Colorado, Delaware, Virginia, and Massachusetts. One of her favorite activities to do is go to concerts. Recently, she went to see Madonna in Miami. Her music taste varies greatly and she is willing to listen to any type of music except today’s country hits.

Teaching is a difficult yet rewarding career many people do not look into. For Mrs. Renzette, teaching is something that runs through her veins. Her father used to teach Social Studies and he was one of the many people who inspired her to become a teacher. Mrs. Renzette explained, “As a student, I would always look highly upon my teachers. I believed it was a noble profession and I saw myself being a helpful person just like all my teachers were to me.”

After getting to know the Santaluces staff and teaching hundred of students, over the years Mrs. Renzette has fallen more in love with the school. “As far as Palm Beach County schools, Santaluces has some of the greatest, most down to earth students. None of them have an attitude towards entitlement and they all work hard to achieve their dreams. I enjoy working with all of the adults here, especially those in the science department,” said Mrs. Renzette.

Stress is a common factor in the lives of many Americans. When Mrs. Renzette feels stressed or down she reminds herself of the saying, “Like water off a duck’s back.” For Mrs. Renzette, this quote reminds her to let go of all of the negativity life may throw at her just like water off of a duck’s back. With only four months until the seniors leave, Mrs. Renzette wants to remind her students, “It is very important to find balance in life in all aspects. Find the balance that will allow you to become a productive member of society. Join clubs and have fun, but always maintain everything in moderation. Most importantly, remember to be safe and stay careful.”

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