Athlete Profile: Eathyn Little


Karen Portillo

Eathyn Little has been playing baseball for over thirteen years and hopes to make it to the major leagues.

Karen Portillo, Staff Writer

Eathyn Little is a senior here at Santaluces who has been on the varsity baseball team since his sophomore year. Little has been playing the sport for over thirteen years and hopes to continue on into college. Recently, he has been received offers from St. Thomas University, Broward College, Florida State College of Jacksonville, Pasco-Hernando State College, and Indian River State College.

Little is one of the captains on the baseball team alongside Jamal Johnson and Yash Patel. From a young age, Eathyn has developed the sport into one of his passions in life. “I continue to play because I love the game and it’s something I constantly enjoy doing. I’m striving to earn a scholarship to college because I hope to one day make it to the major leagues,” commented Little.

Little looks up to Mike Trout from the Los Angeles Angels as an example of the type of athlete he hopes to become. “Mike Trout is the athlete I look up to the most because, in my opinion, he’s the best baseball player in the game. He figures everything out for himself and he’s not problematic.”

In his sophomore year, Eathyn took the next step in his athletic career by earning a spot on the varsity team. Little did he know, they would become district champions. “I’ve learned that varsity is a big step from JV because the pitching gets way more intense and the game becomes a lot faster. Although it was a major change stepping into varsity as a sophomore, it’s also a lot more fun and you get to play more quality teams,” admitted Eathyn.

Baseball games tend to run around three hours, meaning the boys on the team have less time to do homework and study for tests. As for Eathyn, despite having to dedicate his life to the team, he has maintained straight A’s throughout his senior year. Little agreed, “Baseball has changed my life for the better because it keeps me out of trouble and allows me to stay busy and fit.”

Outside of school and baseball, Eathyn enjoys skim boarding, surfing, going to the gym, and skating. His love for the ocean and its animals has motivated him to become a marine biologist if he does not make it to the MLB.

For Chiefs wanting to try out for the baseball team next year, Little advises, “I would just like to urge them to go for it because there’s nothing wrong with trying out something new. In the end, you might think it’s fun and hope to continue pursuing it.”