How A Villain (Almost) Destroyed Batman – Batman: Hush

Throughout his many years of crime-fighting, Batman has faced many dangerous foes, including Penguin, Riddler, and of course the Joker. He defeated them all on multiple occasions using his massive fortune, analytical skills, and high-tech gadgets.

However, there is one villain who almost managed to outsmart the Dark Knight. 

Batman: Hush details the story of Hush, a new criminal who wants to take away all things precious to Batman and his secret identity, Bruce Wayne, and ultimately destroy him.  

This entire storyline was written over 18 years ago but is still considered an iconic tale in the Batman mythos.

With art by the awesome Jim Lee, a blooming romance between Batman and Catwoman, and one clever villain behind it all, this arc is fantastic and remains a fan-favorite. 

The Bat Family and other allies featured in Batman: Hush. (DC Comics)

The lineup in this story arc features the Bat-Family and other allies, such as Alfred Pennyworth, Robin (Tim Drake), Nightwing, Huntress, Oracle, Catwoman, Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, and Superman. 

In the beginning, Batman fights Killer Croc – a lizard-like mutant, who kidnapped a young boy. “You’re Batman!” the boy says as Batman comes to rescue him. Out of nowhere, Catwoman swoops in and steals the ransom money given to Killer Croc in exchange for the boy. 

He manages to save the boy and runs over the rooftops to catch Catwoman. All of a sudden, the line of his grappling hook is cut; he rapidly falls to the ground and ends up in Crime Alley – the same place his parents were murdered. 

Thanks to the technology integrated in his suit, Oracle realizes that Batman has fallen and is unresponsive; she quickly calls any available member of the Bat-Family for help.

As thugs begin to close in on the unconscious Dark Knight with the intention to hurt him, Huntress drives in with her motorcycle and stops them. 

She helps him into the Batmobile, as a mysterious man with a bandaged face and beige trench coat watches from a nearby rooftop.

Benny from Comicstorian on YouTube explained the entire story here

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