Pence Misrepresents Trump and Biden


by Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons

Photo of Kamala Harris and Mike Pence at the Vice Presidential debate

Daniela Martinez, Staff Writer

Vice President Pence misrepresented both Trump and Biden during the Vice Presidential debate against Senator Kalama Harris on October 8, 2020. Although this debate was more argumentative and reasonably more professional than the Presidential debate, many false arguments were said by Pence. Sheesh, Pence’s ego took a hit last night.

For starters, “Biden is going to raise your taxes,” said Pence at the debate. He left out that Biden will increase taxes only on citizens that make more than $400,000 annually. A major difference in who the taxes will affect.

Next, Pence stated that Trump planned to “protect pre-existing conditions” for citizens. But his administration has, on multiple occasions, tried to take away health insurance from Americans. Pence either didn’t do his homework or is simply trying to sweet-talk his way into getting votes for Trump.

How about when Pence told the public that Trump and his administration will “continue to listen to the science” when it came to climate change? Trump has ignored scientists and what they have to say on the issue. He also pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement in which is designed to specifically fight climate change. Misrepresentation at its finest.

Pence also said with so much certainty that Trump “always” (emphasis on the always) told Americans the truth. America is in the worst state it could possibly be in due to a global pandemic Trump failed to inform his people on. What about his tax records? Doesn’t sound like he’s a truthful man.

Vice President Pence made many more claims in which misrepresented Trump and Biden. The fly on Pence’s head is probably equally as disappointed as the rest of America.

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