Local Street Painting Festival Showcases Worldwide Talent

The streets of downtown Lake Worth Beach were transformed into an art gallery.

Kimberly Thelusme, Staff Writer

This weekend, the streets of downtown Lake Worth Beach were transformed into a live outdoor art gallery as the city saw the return of its world famous City of Lake Worth Beach Street Painting Festival. Warm temperatures, punctuated with the occasional soft breeze, set the stage for a picturesque weekend that saw thousands crowd the downtown streets of Lake Worth Beach for their fill of spectacular artwork, live music, and local food.

Artists were each assigned a section of street that then became a blank canvas upon which they could exhibit their talents. As the largest performance art exhibition of its kind, the event attracts artists from across the globe showcasing a vast array of diverse artistry. Truly the most spectacular aspect of this art show is seeing the artists in action, undaunted by the heat and crowds of people watching, as they bring their work to life. While observing one artist put the final touches on her manatee piece, one spectator could be heard admitting, “I could just watch this all afternoon. I can’t get over what they can do with chalk!”

And, what happens to all these masterpieces after the show? Well, the downtown streets open back up Sunday night when the festival officially ends at 9pm, which means they will just slowly fade with each passing car. Of course, rain will accelerate things even more. The photos and memories are all that will remain until next year.

It goes without saying that aside from the main event, the art, there were a couple other reasons to visit the festival: live music and local food. The main stage located at the Cultural Plaza featured an array of local acts that kept the energy flowing, while the nearby festival food court kept taste buds satiated. Full disclosure: the arepas and iced lemonade did not disappoint.