“The Renegades” Book Review



Marrissa Meyers’ admired series, “The Renegades.”

Bryanne Elie, Staff Writer

The Renegades trilogy by Marissa Meyer is a popular BookTok series that tackles the differing views of achieving justice through a villainous girl, Nova Mclain, and a virtuous boy, Adrian Everhart.

Surrounded in a world with humans and prodigies (those with superpowers), including themselves, both have hidden identities that fill the book with secrecy and thrill, that makes your heart speed up at the possibility of the characters getting caught.

I had read the first book in late July and finished the rest of the series by early August. That’s not my usual speed when it comes to trilogies but it’s because the first two books’ pacing was unbearably slow. I got sick of the plot pretty early into the books because what occurred felt very unnecessary to the main storyline.

It got pretty repetitive and would only get interesting towards the end of the books. Users on TikTok like @heats4.kenji agreed with me as they said, ”I HAVE BEEN ON PAGE 120 FOR 3 MONTHS ITS SO SLOW PACED I CANTT” and @itsyourgirldauna said, “I’ve been stuck on page 1 on book 2 forever I just can’t read it I’m bored.”

However, there is still an overwhelming love for the book series. Most people found this series to be really good, claiming that “it’s worth it” and that “it gets better.” I could see why since it had a side plot of a slow-burn romance and the powers were very unique in comparison to the typical powers we’re used to.

Yet it wasn’t until the last book, Supernova, that the story caught my attention. The pacing was better, the stakes were higher, and the character’s development heightened greatly. I couldn’t put the book down until I had reached the end. Although the identity reveals felt underwhelming, as it was built up for far too long, the last few plot twists made the overall story a solid 6.5/10 as it was an overall decent read.