Twisted Series Book Three: Twisted Hated


E. James Design

The special edition cover for Ana Huang’s Twisted Hate.

Selena Avilla, Staff Writer

If you want to know more about Ana Huang’s first and second books of the Twisted Series, look for our Twisted Love and Twisted Games article on The Tribe. Twisted Hate is the 3rd book in Ana Huang’s very loved Twisted Series.

The 3rd book follows our two protagonists Josh Chen and Jules Ambrose and takes place after Twisted Games in Washington DC where the first book took place.

Josh Chen is the exact definition of perfect. He’s a smart, funny, handsome doctor. Everybody loves him. He’s also Ava Chen’s older brother or AKA Alex Volkov’s ex-best friend. Josh is a women charmer. He knows what to say when to say it, and how to say it. Every woman that he encountered has melted in his arms.

Well….almost every woman.

Every woman but Jules Ambrose. Jules, although having the face of an angel, has always been a pain for Josh. She’s been the thorn in his side since the day they met; the reason he stays up at night and is lost in his thoughts. The beautiful, firey redhead consumes his thoughts in a way no woman ever has.

Jules Ambrose is the best friend of Ava Chen, Bridget von Ascheberg, and Stella Alonso. She’s a stunning, outgoing, ambitious girl. She was once a huge party girl. “YOLO” was her life saying until recently. She’s only focused on one thing: studying for her bar exam to become an attorney. The last thing she needs is her super annoying, insufferable best friend’s brother, Mr. Perfect himself bothering her.

When her job forces her to spend more time with Josh, she starts to realize there is more there that she didn’t see before. Maybe he isn’t as horrible as she thought.

When their night takes an unexpected turn, Josh suggests an arrangement. They both need “dates” to accompany them to social events. It’s a win-win. They set three rules that must not be broken: No jealousy. No strings attached. And absolutely NO falling in love. Their unions are one created in Hell, and as the ghost from their past confronts them, they’re faced with truths that could save them, or undo everything they’ve accomplished.