Dear Seniors…

I hope this shows all our Seniors, youre not alone.

Selena Avilla

I hope this shows all our Seniors, you’re not alone.

Selena Avilla, Staff Writer

It’s the end of Senior year.

I know this year has been quite stressful. Between college admissions, keeping grades up, graduation requirements, and a drained social battery, it’s been a lot. I just wanted to let you know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We’re almost to the end. Keep pushing.

I really want to talk about college admissions. I’m going to be completely vulnerable with you because I want you to know it’s genuine. If you’re like me and you didn’t get into your dream school, I know you were devastated.

I’ve been wanting to go to UF since I was in the 6th grade. Everything I did was to better my chance to get in. I have a tendency to put my mental, emotional, and physical health at risk just for school. I learned the tough way that it only hurts you in the end. I would put so much stuff on my plate that I’ll either have a mental breakdown or get a fever when it gets too much to balance. I played sports all year long. When cross country ended, I would jump into cheer and then track while still stretching to get all A’s. When I wasn’t doing homework or sports, I was working. I never took a break.

Now don’t get me wrong, none of those things are necessarily bad, but not leaving room for rest is. Your body is like a machine. It needs rest to continue functioning. If you keep a machine running nonstop, it overheats and breaks down; the body is the exact way.

When I saw my rejection from UF, it felt like my whole world collapsed. All those years of stress, anxiety, and tears were a waste. I didn’t achieve my goal. I felt like a failure, like a disappointment. I could not stop crying. For those of you who went through a breakup or didn’t get to your goal like me, the heartbreak is real. There was a physical pain in my heart that made me sick to my stomach. I didn’t want anyone near me or talking to me.

It has been three weeks since the rejection and if I’m being honest, I’m still coming to terms with it. But after a while, the pain hurts less. Currently, I’m still waiting for FAU to send me an email for admissions. It’s been really stressful. I probably check my email four times a day and I still have received nothing.

C. S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors and a quote I keep close to my heart is “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”

Seniors, it has not been an easygoing four years. COVID happened during our Freshman year; we were online during Sophomore year, and Junior year, everyone was back in school and having to readjust. Senior year has been the only normal year, but for some, they had to rethink goals or readjust them. Others have to catch up with graduation requirements. It’s been tough, but you all made it. There’s one month left. You all got this. I believe in you. The Tribe believes in you. Your teachers believe in you.

Chadwick Boseman once said during an interview, Whatever you choose for a career path, remember the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose.”

High school wasn’t easy and realistically, college probably isn’t either, but keep your heads high and persevere. Never stop believing. You didn’t get into your dream school? Make a new route. Go to another university or even PBSC and then transfer.

You’re the author of your own story.

Don’t like how it’s going?