Player To Watch: Zach McCloud

Alan McGonigle, Sports Writer

Only a junior, football player Zach McCloud is taking his game to the top level. After being scouted by multiple D1 football schools such as Purdue, he is playing at his top level on the field recording many hits and racking up sacks. He has a lot of potential and could make it big one day. The question is, how can anyone handle this pressure only being a junior?

“Well, its not a lot of pressure right now. I am only a junior so I don’t have to make any decisions yet. All I do is try to play the best I can,” said McCloud.

Although Zach may look like the stereotypical football player, everyone also has a humorous side.

“If any of you would like to bring me food, that would be greatly appreciated!” said the Junior.

Even if this season for the Chiefs does not go as planned, he also has his senior season to look forward to.

“I think personally our team will be a lot better and we will all improve as a whole,”

When he is on the field he plays great, makes big plays, and gets huge hits. But do the crowds bother him?

“When the crowds are not loud, I don’t notice them but when they do get loud, all they do is encourage me to play harder,” said the Linebacker.

Overall, Zach is football player with a ton of potential and will be a good recruit for any team that gets him. Even the coaches see his potential.

“The hype for McCloud is well deserved. Physically, he is the perfect package as a football player,” said Coach Witt.